Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[Korea] The MVL Hotel - The Most Valuable Life

I was invited by KOCIS to visit Yeosu Expo 2012 and Yeosu Tour for three days. While I was in Yeosu, I was so grateful to be able to stay in The MVL Hotel (엠블 호텔) for two nights, once in the Superior type and the other night at the Terrace Suite.

The MVL Hotel seen from the Navy ship that was open for public on the Navy Day
The MVL is a landmark building located within the Expo area. It is just walking distance from the Expo gate, thus it is very comfortable to stay there on your visit to Expo. It has 310 guest rooms and 26 floors. The hotel is the first-seven-star hotel built in South Jeolla province. 7 stars hotel! I never dream about staying in a high-class hotel like this!

Guest rooms in the MVL consist of Superior, Deluxe, Suite (Tower Suite, Terrace Suite and Executive Suite) and Noblian Suite (Silver Suite, Gold Suite and Royal Suite). All rooms are sophisticated and perfectly designed. The furniture is designed carefully and in detail.

The Living Room - Terrace Suite 
Bedroom - Terrace Suite
Detail of Living Room
Bedroom - Superior Room


Details - Hangeul, Korean Alphabet
In the MVL hotel, you can find well designed products in the bathroom, bedroom, pantry or every part in the hotel which designed with the motive of Hangeul - the Korean alphabet. You can easily see it on the pillow cover design, runner, plates, packaging, and many more!

Bathroom - Superior Room
Have I told you that all rooms in the MVL have view to the ocean? The view from the room was awesome. From my room, I can see the Expo, the ship, the ocean an the mountain at the background. On the other day, I have view to Odong island which located next to the Expo site.

View of Expo from Superior Room

There are four restaurants in the MVL:
- Mare e Cielo, a restaurant and bar on the 26th floor where you can see the breathtaking scenery of the Expo and ocean through the window.
- Adria, where we had our morning buffet. The food and the atmosphere of the restaurant with its high-ceiling is great!
- Estrella, a spot where you can have coffee and cakes.
- Tavola Tavola, an outdoor dining with the night view of Odong island.

Bread - Adria

Sweet Treats - Adria

Veggie & Fruits - Adria

Nice presentation - Adria

The Counter - Estrella 
Outdoor Dining - Tavola-Tavola
The View of Expo from Tavola Tavola
The MVL is equipped with many facilities such as sauna, fitness, cafe (Cafe Indigo), flower shop (La Flora), Good & Goods, and also a Business Center.  For corporate banquet, the MVL has seven places for banquet with the capacity of 450 people. 

The Lobby
Hotel Entrance

Hotel corridor

Business Center
Good & Goods

Post cards of the MVL
There are two postcards of the MVL available inside the stationery kit in every room. I brought them home as souvenir and one of them will definitely be my postcard collection. The other one will be send as soon as possible to my best friend.

I would like to thank KOCIS for the chance to stay in the great hotel such as the MVL. I did enjoy the stay there and I couldn't wait no longer to share about the MVL to everyone. I hope you enjoy the pictures. ^^



  1. Antonius NababanJune 19, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    Wah,.. mantap banget iya bu.

    btw, gaya tulisannya bagus & enak di baca.

  2. hehe,..saya baru tau...anda suka nge-bloggg...teruskan bu :-)

    Cheers :-p

  3. @ ColorfulDAEGU: Yes, the hotel is awesome!

    @ Bang Antonius Nababan: iya Bang, bagus hotelnya, saya dapat berkat kesempatan menginap di sana. Paise the Lord. Terima kasih sudah membaca ya. Kapan main ke Busan, GKI lagi...kami tunggu ya...

    @Ron Soe: hehe...uda lama punya blog cuman baru bbrp tahun terakhir aktifnya. hoho ^^