Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[Korea] Yeosu Expo 2012 - Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion (West)

My second visit to joint pavilion is to Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion, the west pavilion. It has another one, the east pavilion. Each pavilion has 15 countries participated in the exhibition. 

The West pavilion consists of Tajikistan, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Commonwealth of Dominica, Armenia, Guyana, Suriname, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, Guatemala and Colombia. That's a lot, right! I learnt about some new countries I haven't heard before.

I love how the pavilion was designed. Each country booth presented their country info and details. It exhibit tales of the Atlantic Ocean so clearly and lively. Each participating country's booth features their culture, too. You can see dolls, traditional costumes, art and crafts, accessories, and many more. 

One that I really like is the culture of Paraguay, which is a combination of culture of colonial Spanish and indigenous Guarani,  as shown in the fabric of embroidered lace Nanduti. It usually has geometrical patterns and shows the high skill of craftsmanship. 

Big size of Nanduti is exhibited on the ceiling. When the guide asked us to look up, all of us were amazed!

Nicaragua coffee and volcano stone from Commonwealth of Dominica
The culture shops in this pavilion are located in the area just before the exit of the pavilion. They offer awesome stuffs such as scarf, bag, accessories, hat or even musical instruments. Check it out. 

 The lady on the picture was making earrings from colorful stones. I couldn't stand looking at those gorgeous color of stones in the form of accessories...:) They are pretty.

Joint pavilion was a very happening place to visit. Make sure you see it on your visit to Expo!

PS. Don't forget to stamp your Expo Passport. Commonwealth of Dominica stamp is cute with the whale and palm trees, while Suriname stamp is cute with the tortoise. But I love Panama stamp the most!

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