Monday, June 25, 2012

[Korea] Yeosu Expo 2012 - Indian Ocean Joint Pavilion

There are lots of international pavilions to visit at the Expo 2012. I just walked where my feet lead me to find any pavilion to visit. Certain countries had long queue on the entrance door. It might be because of many people wanted to see certain attractions offered in the pavilions, or because the countries are big and famous ones, or because of the exhibition systems in the pavilions divided into rooms with limited number of visitors in each time. 

I then quickly decided to visit the joint-pavilion after visiting some individual country's pavilions. There are four joint-pavilions in the Expo:
1. Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion - West
2. Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion - East
3. Indian Ocean Joint Pavilion
4. Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion

My first visit is to Indian Ocean Joint Pavilion. As you can see on the picture above, it consists of Nepal, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Yemen, Uganda, Sudan, Eritrea, Maldives, Kenya and Seychelles.
Any country name that is new for you?

The Indian Ocean Joint Pavilion

The Culture Shops in the Pavilion
 I found that even though the pavilion consists of many countries and their exhibition booths are not that big as the individual country pavilion, the atmosphere in the pavilion is so vivid and enthusiastic. Besides the main theme of the exhibition, you can easily find culture shops in almost every booth, selling their traditional art and crafts to visitors.


I found a long line of kids waiting for having heena hand-painting cost about 2,000 won. They looked so proud of their hand-painted.

Visitor was trying a bracelet [left] and two men were sitting on traditional chairs [right]

Stamp Corner
Oh, before I forget, the most interesting thing in this pavilion was the countries stamps for my Expo Passport. Since it has many countries in a pavilion, you can find each country's stamps in the corner of each country's booth, and they have different and unique stamps for each country! 

I was happy...and satisfied :)


  1. Can you please tell us how long you had to wait in the lines ...

  2. Hello, I had a press pass (given by the Expo Committee) so I didn't need to queue (My trip to Yeosu Expo was by invitation of KOCIS -

    How long you had to wait in lines really depends on many things, case by case. You can see some signs at the entrance of pavilions (eg. company pavilions, aquarium, theme pavilion) that will tell you how long you have to wait (eg. 30 minutes, 1 hour). Go to Expo on weekday and weekend has lots of difference, too. Visit Expo in the morning is better than afternoon (many visitors come from out of Yeosu, eg. Seoul. They will arrive in Yeosu usually after 12pm if they take morning train/bus). Some countries such as USA, UAE, Chinese, Korea usually have many people queuing. But many of them didn't have long queue.