Friday, May 22, 2009

Flower Festival 2009, Centum City

Flower festival is interesting too see, at least for me. I am still new to Busan, so that any event will be able to attract me to come. Some people said that it wouldn't be so fantastic as I have imagined, since the flowers were those on pots, and people just arrange those pots for the festival.

It was true. Those flowers pots were arranged in many geometrical shapes or animal shapes such as dolphin, fish, butterfly, penguin, etc. Some were just laid on the ground, some were hung on the street lamps.

The day when I visited the Flower Festival is in the same day with Children's Day (May 5, 2009). Thus, many parents and kids came to enjoy their holiday. It's so nice to see many people were busy taking photos, playing, eating and bicycling.

There were some kiosks offering stuffs and activities for kids. The kids could try to make it by themselves. Many were queuing waiting for their turn to try. I found that it is interesting for the children to have their own hands making it. Everywhere I saw they brought their handy crafts proudly and happily.

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