Friday, May 22, 2009

Indonesian Food, How I Miss You!

Even though I longed for Indonesian food, definitely I can find some of them here. Many of my friends are best cooks! Thanks God for knowing them hehe ^^


  1. hi, my name is eric-john calagui, i am from the philippines. next week our school (Cagayan State University) choir will be there (KU) to perform. im a lawyer and an academician as well. we will stay there for a week and be accommodated in one of KU's dormitories i suppose. if you happen to have a facebook account, please add me. see you soon.

  2. this morning, i ate Soto....
    yesterday, i ate Ayam penyet.... so yummy...
    2 days ago, i ate rawon...
    zhen de hao chi !!