Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mayo Diet - the end

I should post this writing before my departure to South Korea. Since there's not enough time, I almost forgot to inform you how was the ending.

So...none of us (Dad, bro,& me) finished the whole list of Mayo Diet. It's probably because I re-scheduled the flight (which was supposed to be on mid-April) to end-March. I quickly decided not to continue the diet because I wanted to taste Indonesian food as long as I could. The two men were tempted to stop because of me ^^.

We lost 3-4kg, but it was temporary only. It was the impact of not finishing the diet list and quit in the middle instead.

So for you who really want to start diet, here are some tips for you:
  1. Having family or friends doing diet together is more fun, you can support one another.
  2. Your target and motivation shall be clear! It's not merely only for weight loss but also for the sake of healthiness.
  3. Stick the diet list in front of your refrigerator. It eases your meal preparation without spending time looking for the list.
  4. Have good rest and enough sleeping time, it helps balancing the metabolism.
  5. Follow the diet list carefully, don't increase or reduce your meal portion. Increasing it would ruin your diet, while reducing it would make you hungry before the next meal time comes.
  6. Cheer up and smile!

Have a happy and healthy diet!

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