Friday, May 22, 2009

Making Kalguksu

Last Friday, I got a chance to join a Korean Culture Class managed by Busanjingu Culture Center. The activity that day was making Kalguksu. Kalguksu is a Korean noodle food, which is literally meaning "knife noodle". The name comes from the fact that the noodle is using hand made, knife cut noodle. It is commonly made in summer time.

I missed the first session when the teacher showed how to make the broth. It was made in the beginning since it takes a long time for the ingredients to be simmered in order to get the expected taste.

I was there since the noodle making lesson. It is my first time to make noddle from scratch, but trust me, it's not difficult at all! All class participants also tried to make their own noodle. Since the kitchen size is not big enough, the teacher were the one who made the kalguksu while we alternated watching and helping her cooking it.

The other participants all are migrant women married to Korean men. They brought their kids or babies with them, and one woman is pregnant. You could imagine how was the situation when the babies were crying while the moms were practicing cooking. Luckily, there was an auntie volunteering herself to take care of the babies. But since she is alone, she couldn't manage to take care of those babies in the same time.

So, here they are another volunteers. Thank you so much guys!


  1. @dita : don't forget to make me kalguksu in indo.. :)

    @san : it seems you are ready to have a baby.. hahaha