Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Lost Voice

Last Sunday (2010-03-21), one of my Professors preached at church. Most of the audiences were mental disable people (read: special need people). My Professor shared to us when he watched a choir who sang a song. He was amazed when he saw a man who cannot speak well also came in front to join with choir team. Even this man only can say: ah…ah… nothing else. After worship time, my Professor asked him why he still wanted to be a choir member. He said through his translator that one day when he will meet Jesus in Heaven, he will also sing for His glory. He realized that he may not sing well today, but someday he will.

One week later, I experienced almost the same case with that man. Today I could not sing at all at my church. I get a cold and sore throat. I cannot sing at all even speak well because this illness. I remember the man. I can feel how great our Lord not only because of my voice or because I can sing but also by sitting at church and surrounded by many people who praised Him I can feel His presence.

I said to myself: Thank you Lord for this experience. Yes, I asked God to heal me as soon as possible. But the most important thing: He is always beside us whenever and wherever we are, right? God always be with us in every situations or conditions. He loves me. He loves you too.


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