Monday, March 15, 2010

When Hubby Falls in Love with You AGAIN!

When your hubby said he falls in love with you as if the first time you go for dating?

My hubby said that when he heard that I was pregnant. He was so etremely happy, couldn't say anything except that he fell in love with me again.

Marriage is about love and commitment.

Long before we got married, San shared to me that love is like a garden full of flowers. Firstly, the two gardeners would fill the garden with many beautiful and colorful flowers, water them everyday so that the fragrance could fill the two-loving-hearts.

As time goes by, the two gardeners are busy with other businesses, so they don't concentrate on that garden anymore. The number of flowers decreases, but the garden is still there. Ocassionaly, on special events, the two gardeners will be back working on the garden, but they will soon do other business as well.

Heard about he will be a father is a Great News for San, so that he hurries back to the garden to plant and water flowers. He saw that the roses, jasmine, orchids, etc on our garden bloom beautifully and he felt IN LOVE again!

Anyway, it's not just about the two gardeners. We miss out the Chief Gardener! He is the one who takes care of our garden since 2005 and protect our commitment in front of Him 1,5 years ago.

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