Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To share or not to share?

When you find that you're pregnant, what will you do?

Will you keep that good news just for you and husband? Or will you share it with everyone you know, included family and friends?

For me, I chose the last.

There was a discussion I read on the internet whether to tell other people or keep it secret until the pregnancy enter the 2nd trimester (4-6 months). There are pro and cons about the two options.

The first said that it's better to keep it private because the 1st trimester is the vital period where miscarriage can happen anytime. Of course we would not expect it happens but we never know. So, be patient and wait till you have passed the important- first-three-months which means that the probability of miscarriage will drop to 0%.

The second opinion is to share it because it is a great joy and happiness for not only both of you but also for family and friends. They can support you in your not-so-good-first-trimester if you experience nausea, vomitting and other morning sickness. They can give you advice if this is your first time pregnancy. And the most important thing according to me is that you will not feel alone if you experience miscarriage. Hubby , family and friends can be your strength to get through the sadness and tears.

I thanks God that I can pass the 1st trimester without vomitting at all. Yes, I felt exhausted and easily tired or sleepy. Entering the 2nd trimester, I feel better and somehow get back to my normal life.

One of my bestfriend had miscarriage two weeks ago. I guess she chose the first option above, but still told some friends offline. Her pregnancy was one month younger than mine. I wish I can be beside you to comfort and hug you. I only can pray that Jesus hugs you there, always. Be strong, sis!
Miss you!

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