Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow Experience

I am living in Busan, South Korea now. Busan is in southern part of this country. Yesterday when I checked the weather forecasting on the internet shows that today will be snow in Busan. But as I know before, the snow will not come to our house, because our location is not too high enough to get the snow. When I woke up this morning, I was trying to open our room’s window to see if there is snow or not. Holaaaa…. I can see the thin ice in our neighbor’s roof. I can see also the snow was coming down. Wow, I amazed and surprised. Then I woke up my wife to see the snow together. (We never saw the falling snow together…^..^)

After that I have prepared quickly to go to school. Before go to school, I want to see upstairs how’s the view of Busan from the roof of our house. First, I found our friend’s dog (named Lucky) seemed frozen up there. I think it is not as lucky as its name. I took some pictures up there.

When I am on the way to subway station, I saw much ice on the road and still snowing at that time. I saw so many people going to subway station. I was thinking that it’s unusual at those times still many people everywhere, because it’s almost working time. Usually, when I went to school, there are few people using subway together with me. My wonder was true. It’s very hard to enter the subway, because it’s already full inside the subway. We had to wait for next subway, because it’s too crowded. The same situation came for the next subway. I jumped to subway with many people around. We pushed and being pushed each other to get the space. Fiuhhh, my memory was flashing back to my home country, Indonesia. There we can find a lot of incidents like this when a lot of people snatch up space for themselves. In Indonesia, I hope it happens because little transportation we have rather than our furious characters.

Inside the subway, I can only stand up in the middle crowded situation. While I was standing in front of the old man, suddenly he grasped my bag. At that time I knew that he will not do something bad to me, because my Korean friends told me already that it’s usual here the people who were sitting to carry standing people’s load. Once again, my mind was comparing this incident to my home country. In Indonesia, it will not happen like that. If someone grasped our belonging without permission, he or she might be a theft. Here, I saw the kindness of people helps another while in difficult situation.

Since my school is in another island-Yeongdo Island, I have to stop in one station called Nampo-dong then change by bus. When I leaved the station, I saw the road was full of ice everywhere. I saw it still snowing there. I don’t think that I can go to school because my school is in another island and the bus has to climb the mountainous road. Right again, there’s no busses will operate to go up there. Then I saw many people tried to stop any cars or taxis to ask their destination to Yeongdo Island. I saw many cars willing to stop to hear from some people there if they have match destination or not. What a wonderful heart of sharing and attention to others.

Meanwhile I was waiting there; there were some text messages and calls from my friend and Professor. We communicated about what we should do next? Is there any class or not? Because my Professor is also live far away from campus. It means that he can’t reach the campus as well. Then I received text message from my Professor to inform me that school decided already not to operate class hours for this day due to snow. Then I walked back to subway station went home.

In the subway station, I experienced the same situation like this morning time. So many people there were waiting for the train. I don’t know why, but this is a story of my second experience to see falling snow and first time in the crowded situation everywhere.


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