Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[Korea] Food - Live Octopus for Dinner

After a visit to the museum, we had this Korean food for dinner.
It is 'San Nak Ji Jeongol'.

The word 'San' here means 'live'. "Nak Ji' means octopus.
Huh? Live octopus?

First of all, the big pan was put on the stove and heated. It was only contained of vegetables, onion, shrimp, etc. No octopus in it. So where was the octopus?

After a few minutes, the 'ajumma' came back and bring three live octopuses! Yes, they were still alive, moving here and there inside the pot. She quickly moved the three octopuses to the boiled tasty hot soup. Then, she took a scissors and started cutting the octopuses into pieces.

We ate it with rice and not to be forgotten...the side dishes!
The soup was spicy but delicious, especially for eating it in fall season like this. 
Prof and my friends kept asking me if it was okay for me to eat it because of I ate it slowly. 
It was not because of the spicy soup, I was trying to chew the octopus hehehe...^^


  1. Waa...jadi pengen Dit. Pasti pedes & enak. Aku suka bgt makanan Korea. Sayange di sini mahal, apalagi yang fresh seafood gini.

  2. woohoo ce Mod iya itu kuahnya enak ce...tapi octopusnya mesti kunyah dengan telaten hehe...aku baru aja dinner fresh seafood lagi ^^ hehe...emang Busan deket laut, jadi banyak seafoodnya.