Thursday, November 3, 2011

Race + Family Park? Is it a good one?

We went to a Race Park in Busan on my birthday. We went there not because of celebrating my birthday, but our church (Korea-Indonesia Church - Ebenhaezer) has a tradition for having sunday service outside to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day. The day the members decided to go was luckily my birthday, too. 

We had gone to Haeundae in the last two years consecutively. This year we wanted to go to another place, so we went to this place. I didn't realized that we would go to a race park because we were told the park name in Korea. I just didn't get it. 

After we arrived in the park, I remembered that some times ago, there was a field trip to this park after visiting Renault-Samsung Car Factory held by the language center where I studied. I didn't join the field trip on that day, but saw pictures from friends' facebook.

The park initially offers people horse race and you know what I mean with this race. You put your money and bet. If your choice wins the race, you will get money depends on how much money you use to bet. 

The park is designed nicely and facilitated with many attractions for family. It was summer time when we went there, so an additional big plastic swimming pool was installed there for kids to enjoy. You can also find water fountain, bicycle rental, convenient stores, gazebos, and many more! Beside that, you also can visit horse health center to learn more about horse. 

The park is extremely big and clean. The entrance fee is very very very affordable for such a good park like that. Moreover, you don't need to pay for using any attractions, bicycles, tricycles, etc inside the park. I thought that it will attract many people come to the park. Operating such a big race park where many people come to play and bet, the operator will get many revenue and won't be bankrupt for giving free bicycle rental or other free facilities. 

It was Sunday when we came to the park. Therefore, there were many people came. Some people went to bet and see races, some others were having family time with their loved ones. It was obvious to see that while parents were busy betting on race, children  were playing in the park. 

San and I were sad to see it. 

We don't agree on the activities of racing and betting, but we love the park. Combining race park and family park in one place is really not a good idea for us. Children learn from their parents. Even if parents don't teach them to love gambling, bringing children to the park while parents gamble will let children learn by seeing what their parents do. They will grow up with the thought that gambling is fine, nothing wrong with it. They learn from what they see, and it is so dangerous!

As what I said above, we love the park. Joshua saw many kids were riding bicycles and I wanted to let him try. We rented a small size bicycle, still a bit too big for him though. He was so excited riding his bicycle. He even didn't let me hold the steer, he wanted to hold it by himself! 

As you can see, he was still too small for the bike, his feet couldn't reach the pedal ^^

It is too bad that the family park is combined with the race park.
Anyway, it is my personal point of view.

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