Friday, November 25, 2011

[Korea] SPECIAL EVENTS - Interactive Movie '안녕[Annyeong]' feat. 2PM & Miss A

Hi..have you enjoyed the interactive movie '안녕[Annyeong]' featuring 2PM and Miss A?
If you have no idea what it is, please read this previous post.

What do you think about the interactive movie?
It brought you to know Korea closer, didn't it?

Personally, I enjoyed seeing the movie since I felt like I was in the movie with the Korean artists!

Now, here comes another interesting info about the interactive movie!!!
I Buzz Korea are celebrating release of this movie with special events!

Event1. Watch the movie 안녕[Annyeong], take the quiz!
Once you watch the movie, the 3 quiz questions can be easily answered.
Those who participate in this quiz will be awarded iPad & LOTTE Hotel complimentary accommodation voucher (Deluxe-club).
The increase winning chances, answer the quiz and spread buzz KOREA event through your SNS tools!


Event2. Write comments on the buzz KOREA site!
Let’s chat about our vivid adventures in Korea and write comments on the buzz KOREA site.
The highly active i buzz will get LOTTE Hotel complimentary accommodation voucher
(Deluxe-club) & Korea PASS (worth 100,000)!
Don’t let go of this chance sharing how i buzz around the world experience Korea.

EVENT 3 (click the picture for larger image)

Event3. Invite your friends to buzz KOREA!
Invite your friends to buzz KOREA where to share vivid stories of Korea’s wonderful stories.
The more your friends are invited, the higher chances to win iTunes gift card($15) are.

How is  it? It's great, right...
Please hurry up and visit this link below to see detailed info and don't forget to take the quiz to unlock the hidden gifts on buzz KOREA!

The period of event is till Sunday, December 11, 2011!
So, what are you waiting for???

Good luck ^^

Korea Wave Week Concert:
Come and see kpop stars who are heating up the world like 2AM, B2ST, and Miss A!
Please give your huge attention to Korean Wave Week Concert!
For more information on Korean Wave Week Concert,

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