Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 15th Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Theater Festival

The 5th WSK Camp (3)

When we were in Suwon, that city host a special event that is Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Festival. The theaters were held in special places. Suwon is a unique place which designated as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.


We watched a theater in a place special stages built on a small river with the background of Hwahongmun.

Hwahongmun is a very beatufully designed water gate. The design show the practical function as well as the beauty of the castle. Clear water flows through the 7 water gates.

Can you imagine that night scene? We were sitting in seats facing the water gate of Hwahongmun with its exterior lights spotted on the building dramatically, feeling the calm breeze and hearing water sound from the water gate and river under our seats, accompanied with your friends or family. Perfect!
The theater performance on that night. Before the stage performance,
the artists walked around the river performing street theater
using 3 meter-high puppets and interacted with the citizens.

WSK members were invited to participate in the theater.

Together they moved the puppet.

Posing after the performance, WSK members and the artists.

A video of the street performance.

If San and Joshua were there with me, the night would be more perfect...

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