Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Sunday School in Korea

First time at Sunday School, Joshua was 5 months old.

In my hometown, there was no special class for baby in Sunday School (Sekolah Minggu untuk Bayi).

The Sunday School was divided into 4 classes:
1. Kindergarten/Playgroup (0-7)
2. Elementary Grade 1 & 2
3. Elementary Grade 3 & 4
4. Elementary Grade 5 & 6

Even though I wrote 0-7 years old for the first class, those who already start to stand up straight or walk were often seen but I hardly saw baby under 1 year old in that class.

It came to my surprise when a Lady at Church came to me and said that there is Baby Sunday School after the 2nd Service at Church. It is for babies from 0 to 4 years old.  

With his 2nd name tag. His previous one was Pororo ^^

I came with Joshua and San to attend the Baby Sunday School. There was no chairs in that big room, everyone sat in spaces marked with cartoon picture cushions. Three teachers were on the stage using lots of gesture while singing.

Celebrating 1st birthday of the babies

The Evangelist shared the Words of God and used many pictures while explaining it to the babies and parents.

Joshua loves to be in Sunday School. He will clap his hands when he listens the songs or music. He enjoys meeting his friends, too!

Of course, there were also lots of crying or babies crawling or walking during the service. It was just unavoidable when the audiences were babies. It's parents and teachers' job to control and educate the babies to behave well during the service. It was not an easy task and it does need time. But I think still it is worth in the long run.

Do you have Baby Sunday School at your Church?
Do you also bring your baby there?
What do you think about that?
Please share, I want to hear it from you.
Thanks ^^

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