Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last Year in Silla University

Two days before delivered baby Joshua, in front of Global Town (Students Dormitory).
If you remember my posting "Scholarship..." posted last year, as a result of the scholarship, I had to attend Korean Language Course starting the beginning of September 2010.

The placement test was on September 3.
First class was on September 6.
And my due date was on September 11, 2010!

Some people said that due date for the first pregnancy can be later than the due date. But, there are some people who delivered their babies earlier than due date. So, nobody knows when the due date is.

My condition was good so I decided to attend the classes on my last week of pregnancy with one requirement. San should go to school with me ^^. He could sit somewhere else in the same building while waiting for me finishing the classes. We even had our own university orientation after lunch.

It was uncomfortable for me to sit for 4 hours in the class. The lesson was too difficult for me, too, and it required lots of concentration and effort. But Teachers calmed me down and asked me to make myself comfortable preparing for delivery.

Joshua was born exactly on the due date. Doctor's prediction was exactly right!
The next day after I said 'good bye for a while' to my teachers.

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