Friday, September 2, 2011

Kimchi Factory

The 5th WSK Camp (1)

When you hear the word 'kimchi', you will relate it to Korea.

Yes, kimchi represents Korea all around the world. Korean people almost always eat kimchi in every meal.

Even if you buy pizza, toast, burger, or fried chicken which you think supposed to be eaten without kimchi, kimchi is served together with those meals.

What type of Kimchi do you know? Kimchi is not only made from cabbage, but you can also find radish kimchi, green onion kimchi or cucumber kimchi.

I came late for WSK camp in Suwon. I missed the archery practice, trolley riding, Korean dyeing class, Hwaseong tour, and Korean manners class (wearing Hanbok and tea ceremony). :(((
Not only that, I left my camera in San's bag. Oh, no! So, sorry for the low quality pictures. I captured them through my cellphone.

From Suwon station, I took taxi to the Kimchi factory, Pungmi Food.

This is picture of the owner of the factory. She was captured while arranging the seasoned kimchi into the pot for fermentation.

Again I came in the middle of the tour, so I missed to see the factory. I went straight to the small museum. It shows us many types of kimchi, the making process, and the material.

Other than kimchi, there are also many artificial tteok (Korean rice cake) in the museum to teach us about Korean culture. It was arranged such as for a special or big party (for example, 60th birthday party).

The kimchi factory has a special laboratory to do researches on kimchi and the factory's product.

And...this is the one that I like so much. The kimchi jars! After kimchi is seasoned with the spices, it is put inside the jar for fermentation.

Nowadays, people keep kimchi in a special refrigerator called kimchi refrigarator because they live in apartment and have no garden or outdoor space. The refrigerator size is quite big and usually full with ONLY kimchi. 

A close shoot of the jar. 

With Parvina.
When San first came in Korea, he hated kimchi, but he loves it now. We especially like the fresh kimchi rather than the sour kimchi (because it is kept for a long time). I can eat rice only with fresh kimchi.

Kimchi can be eaten even though it has been stored for 1 year. Some people said that the sour the better.

In winter, kimchi price can be very expensive because the increase of cabbage price. Kimchi which is supposed to be side meal, turns to be more expensive than the main menu. Buying kimchi can be too costly rather than buying fried chicken!


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  2. I love kimchi too!! But abed hate it,he said that the smell of kimchi is like stinky socks wkwkwkwkwk..
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  4. hi Din, kimchi emang ngangenin...awal2 memang kerasa aneh, tapi lama2 jadi biasa dan jadi suka. Aku ada resepnya kalau mau buat sendiri, ntar kapan aku posting ya.