Friday, September 2, 2011

Cambridge Series - The River

Hai hai hai....

Today I want to share some pictures and stories of the "River cam" in Cambridge.

Cambridge River Tour website says, "For many a visit to Cambridge is a once in a lifetime experience and would not be complete without a traditional punt trip along the famous college backs. We ensure your trip is memorable for the right reasons". And, yes. It was a memorable experience to me.

It costed 12 pounds (20,600 won/168,000 rupiahs) for each to enjoy River cam's view. A punter services who also became our tour guide was included for that much. He seemed understand all surrounding river's histories.

"Let's go punting!".

I went along with four of my friends who also attended the course in Cambridge. They are two Brazilians, one Irish, and one Portuguese. However, there were also three Chinese, a family I think, who enjoyed in the same boat with us.

From picture above, you can see some bridges over the River cam.

The other bridges and some sceneries along the River cam.
It was really a beautiful and very clean river.

A very clean river, wasn't it?

It was a great experience to see some colleges' back. And the awesome cloud....God created it.

I could imagine that there is a great opportunity to be a student there, because they live near to a river. They can just relax to lower their studies' tensions.

See you next week for more photos and stories on Cambridge series!


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