Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mom, before and after delivery...

Pic was taken after I recorded my story for Busan e-FM. 2010, August 9.

On the last month of pregnancy I got total 20kgs >.< ,
mostly because of my body was swollen a lot.
Right after delivery, I lost 11kgs on the 5th day.
And lost total 18kgs a month after.
Walking, sleeping, and standing were difficult with my 'big size' body.
You know that in Busan, which 'san' means 'mountain' 
you will hardly see flat roads here.
San needed to push me from the back when the road was steep
or when I needed to climb stairs.

Pic was taken by Sam, our friend from Hongkong on the day
we visited Jagalchi Market in June, 2011.

I was almost back to my normal weight.
Joshua was about 8.5kgs at that time.
Many things have changed after I lost that 20kgs, but one things still remains.
San still pushes me from the back when the road is steep or when I need to climb stairs.
Because now I hold Joshua! ^^


  1. Bravo Mommy Dita..... !!! ^^
    and so does your husband

  2. Thank you.
    Hey do you know that you wond the 2nd prize from the Cambrisge quiz? Please send me your address to dita_utomo@yahoo.com
    I would like to send you something. ^^