Saturday, August 27, 2011

The 5th WSK Suwon Camp on News

The 5th WSK Suwon Camp was on the online news, Joongan Ilbo on August 22,2011.
News & video is in Korean ^^

The 5th WSK members after Korean dyeing class on the 1st day camp.
I didn't join it because I came late for the program :((
The news can be read here, there is a video that you can see, too:

The programs of the 2-day 1-night camp are:
  • Experiencing Korean Traditional Archery
  • Riding Hwaseong Trolley
  • Experiencing Korean Dyeing
  • Attending Korean Traditional Etiquette Lesson
  • Making Kimchi
  • Visit Suwon Hwaseong (Haenggung Palace)
  • View Suwen Hwaseong Fortress Theater Festival
  • Visiting Yeungneung - Geunleung Royal Tombs
  • Visiting Yongjoosa Temple
  • Visit to Mural Village & Art Street
  • Visit to Haewoojae (Toilet Museum)

My trip started from the Kimchi Factory till the Toilet Museum, which I will tell you one by one.
Now have a very happy weekend! Spend the beautiful day with your loved ones!

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