Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Trip (2) - Hallyeo Waterway Observation - Cable Car, Tongyeong

NIIED KGSP 2010, Silla University - Summer Trip (2)

After passing the Geoga Bridge (read the 1st posting), our first destination was   (통영, 한려수도 케이블카).

The cable car is the longest cable car installed in Korea. From the lower cable car station to the the upper station, it only took about 10 minutes. Each gondola capacity is for 8 people.

From the upper station you can see the breathtaking scenery! It was awesome. You can see many small islands, the harbour, the temple amidst of forest...It was called Napoli of Asia. My camera could not capture the beauty, but my eyes could do it!

Left: The Bottom Station; Right: The Gondola

This is the other side of view, where you can see housing down there.

The environment-friendly deck installed to the top of mountain
for climbers to reach the upper view deck.

At the view deck. Jakarta was written there!

This is the 2nd post. Wait for the next one!

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