Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Trip (1) - Geoje Island/거제도

NIIED KGSP 2010, Silla University - Summer Trip (1)

The KGSP 2010 students at Silla University got this special chance to visit Geoje-do (Geoje Island/거제도) on July 2011. The trip is a one day trip. Thanks to the nice weather! It was raining a lot the week before the day.

Geoje-do is the 2nd largest islands in Korea and is famous of its beautiful scenery. To get there from Busan, we took a bus and pass the Geoga bridge to Geoje-do.

The bridge is a massive combined of tunnels (sunken tube tunnels) and bridges (cable-stayed bridges) for about 8.2km. It was open for public last year. It reduces the travel time between Busan and Geoje to 40 mins by car from the previous 2 hrs 10 mins.

See more detail about the bridge here.

On our trip, first we stopped at the resting point/area in Jangpyeong-ri , named Gadeok Ocean Park (가덕 해양 파크), to see the beginning of the tunnel & bridge to Geoje-do.

Above: The building in Jangpyeong-ri resting point.
There you can find viewing deck, small garden, convenient shops,
restaurant and toilet.
Below: It is the start of the 8.2 km Geoga Bridge.

Above: The parking area in Jangpyeong-ri resting point.
Below: The area above the start of the Geoga Bridge's tunnel.

Left: The viewing deck close to the start of the tunnel.
Right: The cafetaria inside the Main Building.

Something that was interesting on the view deck is this red post box!
It is written:
"Please tell your loved one about your precious memory"
The letter will be sent one year after.

Can you see the bridge on the picture? Sorry for the low photo quality.
The cable-stayed bridges are two parts.
The one on the picture is the first part from Gadeok-do.

I guess this was my best shot on that day.
Our lovely Korean Teacher took a picture of us.

This is the first posting of my summer trip. So stay tuned for the next story!

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  1. Hello..
    Find your website when searching some info of hallyeohaesang..
    I wonder if you have any info of tour service from busan to hallyeohaesang? since me & my friends are traveling to busan in october and would like to visit the maritime park.
    Thanks in advance!

    PS: are you Indonesian?

  2. Hello Syerassi...I am sorry I don't have any info about the tour service from Busan to the place you want. But I got this info which you can try to take a look or call the local tour service:
    If I happened to know any more info, I will post it here.

    Yes, I am Indonesian. :)