Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yeay! This is the day!

We had been waiting for this day!

San's graduation day.

San was not be able to concentrate on his thesis since the coming of Joshua Songmin on September last year. He had to split his concentration and energy for helping me, taking care of the newborn baby and his own thesis.

He hoped that he could finished it on November, but it was just impossible at that time, when at the same time I had to study hard for getting TOPIK level 3 (in order to be free from the compulsory additional TOPIK classes after lunch, so that I could have more time with the baby on the next semester).

God granted us our prayers.

I passed TOPIK level 3 on January 2011 which meant that I didn't need to attend the additional TOPIK classes. I could go home and take care of Joshua. And San had more time working for his thesis.

He had worked carefully and passionly for the thesis. I am glad that he could pass the thesis defense as well. Read the post here.

Glory to God in the highest!

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