Monday, August 15, 2011

Korea Independence Day (광복절) - 15 August

만세, 만세, 만만세! Manse, Manse, Man-manse!

Today is Korea Independence Day! In Korea it's written 광복절. So, as it is one of Korea public holidays, today all people in Korea has their holiday to celebrate the day.

It is a day to commemorate the day when Korea got their victory over Japan, which also means that Korea was free from the colonialism of Japan.

Korea independence day is two days before Indonesia independence day, which is on August 17. It made me flash back to how I celebrated the day. It ranged from street carnival, parade, drum band, drawing, singing or reading poet competitions, and flag ceremonies.

It was so happening and fun to celebrate the day. Many activities in and out of school that made me busy at that time. I wish I still have those pictures of the celebrations to tell my little one how busy his mom during those days.

Before coloring the flag. The teacher made notes on the circle,
to tell us which one is red and which one is blue, to avoid mistake on coloring it upside-down.

Yesterday, Joshua made and colored Korean Flag, "Taegukgi". Korean flag has red and blue 'taeguk' in the middle, four black trigrams and white background.
  • The circle is divided into two, red and blue parts, which represent yin and yang (Oriental philosophy).

  • White background means the cleanliness of the people.

  • The four trigrams symolize heaven, earth, fire, and water

Joshua with his Korean flag. He colored the circle with Mama's help,
and Mama finished the four trigrams' color.

After all of the babies and parents finishing the making of Taegukgi, all of us stood and sang the national anthem "Aegukga" (애국가) which means "Love the Country." Every people said to each other "애국 합시다" to remain each other to love their country, South Korea.

Happy independence day, South Korea!

PS. It's interesting to see Google's first page today. When you click the picture logo of Google, you will be directed to the see many 광복절's links. Try it. ^^


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