Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Trip (3) - Haegeumgang & Oedo

NIIED KGSP 2010, Silla University - Summer Trip (3)

The next destination after Tongyeong (read the previous post here) was Haegeumgang (해금강) and Oedo (외도). I will write about Oedo on the next posting.

We stopped at the small harbour waiting for the departure time of our cruise tour
that would bring us to see Haegeumgang and also to Oedo (Oedo is a small island).

The Haegeumgang is the National Scenic Site No.2 in Korea.
According to the brochure that I had, this is the explanation of Haegeumgang:
"The original name of the island with high ecological conservation value is 'Galdo'. It was appointed to be National Scenic #2 in 1971 since its natural scene is eminent and was registered to be 'Geoje Haegeumgang'. Its shape washed by wave and wind for hundreds of millions of years produces various features....."

This were some pictures of the Haegeumgang and some Rocks surrounding the Haegeumgang.
The one on the right-below is the Saja Rock (Lion Rock).
The feature of sun rising between Saja Rocks is fantastic.

See ya on the next and last part of my summer trip!

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