Monday, August 22, 2011

WSK - Hanji Mirror

The material and step by step of the making.

Last week when I attended the Orientation of The 5th World Students in Korea in Seoul, we were taught of how to make Hanji Mirror.

The activity is part of Traditional Cultural Experiences provided by Korea House. If you want to learn more about Korea's art and craft and the making, you can make a visit to Korea House and choose what you want to learn.

My Hanji Mirror is almost done.

Our teachers had prepared the material for us so we can start with the making of the Hanji Mirror.

Hanji is a traditional paper from Korea. It is made from the bark of mulberry trees. Hanji is an everyday necessity for Korean people life. People use it for many things from book to doll, or window to door screen paper.

With other WSK members.
The characteristic of Hanji paper is it is very durable! It's soft and light. I was afraid that I would tear the paper when I put the glue on it. But magically, even though the paper was wet because of the glue, it wan't easy to be torn off. Even I can easily fold the paper to follow the mirror curve edge.

Not only happy making the mirror, but I also met new friends.
Beautiful day!

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