Thursday, December 22, 2011

[Korea] Happy Dongji - Winter Solstice

Dongji is the day in winter that marks the shortest day in a year, which means that it is the longest distance of earth from the sun. So, the day is the shortest, and the night is the longest.

Korean people celebrate Dongji with preparing Red Bean Gruel or Patjuk. (Pat: red bean; juk:porridge).

I knew that today is Dongji from Korean Travel Organization's page in Facebook. Today is my brother's birthday and also Mother Day in Indonesia.

San came home and told me that he ate a Korean food he never ate before. He said that it has glutinous ball in it and the texture is sticky. Because I have read about Dongji in the afternoon, I quickly asked him further question to check if what he ate is Patjuk.

Happy Dongji to all of Korean people. Korean has a very unique meaning and interpretation about Dongji, the shortest day, which means that it means a year has passed or an increasing in age.

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