Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Korea] Sajik Stadium, Lotte Giants Museum & Shop

In front of Sajik Stadium, Busan
It was in 2010 when Diyas and I visited Sajik Stadium to see a baseball match between Lotte Giants & Hanhwa. Lotte Giants is a baseball team based in Busan, while Hanhwa is a team based in Daejeon. It was interesting for us since Diyas was studying in Daejeon at that time. So we asked him, which team he preferred to cheer up? Giants or Hanhwa? :)

If you want to read more abour Lotte Giants, here is their official website, but it is in Korean.

This was the picture of Lotte Giants' manager, Jerry Royster. Apparently on October 13, 2010, the Lotte Giants decided not to renew Royster's contract following the Giant's defeat by the Doosan Bears in the first round of the KBO playoffs (Wikipedia).

Lotte Giants is the hero of people in Busan. Whenever I asked elementary or middle school students which team they love, mostly the answer is Lotte Giants. I think since I live in Busan, by no reason I also became Giants' fan. 

The building behind San & Diyas is the lobby where Lotte Giants' players come and take a rest. Nobody except the players and official staffs could enter the room. 

We were in front of Lee Dae Ho picture. Lee Dae-Ho (이대호) moved to Japan after playing for the Lotte Giants in Korea Professional Baseball for 11 seasons from 2001 to 2011. He hit home runs in nine consecutive games for the first time in world baseball history.According to a Gallup Korea's survey conducted in 2011, Lee was chosen as the most popular player in the KBO league. (Wikipedia)

LeeDae Ho is a very famous player since he often hit home runs in games. 

While waiting for the game, we decided to take a look the Giants museum and shop. Please enjoy the pictures. The things exhibited in the museum are so many, I couldn't take picture one by one. It was worth to visit.

San wanted to buy the Giants' uniform but the price was too high for him to afford. The quality is good, though. 

And, someday I wanted to visit the shop again with Joshua and buy this kid baseball stick for him. The stick is light and soft so it is safe for kids to play with. Same as the ball. :)

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