Friday, December 9, 2011

[Korea] Nampodong - Fashion Street at Night

Nampodong is an area you should visit when you are in Busan. Nampodong is a place where people can enjoy shopping, eating, spending time with their family and friends. In Nampodong area you can find International Market (Gukje Market) where you can buy anything from clothes, shoes, souvenirs, electronics, etc. 

Also you can find PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival - now changed to BIFF). PIFF area was the place where PIFF was held before the  opening of Busan Cinema Center in October 2011 in Haeundae. It was very crowded in October when PIFF was held. 

Nampodong is also the place for Yongdusan Park where you can see Busan Tower. We love to go to Yongdusan Park because Joshua loves to see and feed birds in the park. Read the previous post

No, this was not the cafe we went to...^^ Just took a pose in front of it...

One day we visited Nampodong from another way. We seldom walked in this direction before. We received an invitation and voucher to eat on a cafe, so we just followed the map. After finished our meals, we thought to go to the subway station without expected too much.

Apparently, the street was packed with fashion shops. The shop fronts were designed very stylish and modern. The shops offered many choices and styles of clothes, shoes and accessories. A really must visit place.

Other than the fashion shops, I also saw well-designed restaurants. It was Saturday and the restaurants were packed with people spending their time with their loved ones.

So, enjoy the pictures!

PS. It is very happening with the Christmas Tree Festival held in Gwangbok Street during December. Must visit!

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