Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[Korea] Sajik Stadium - Lotte Giants!

Here we were at Sajik Baseball Stadium, the home of the Lotte Giants !

Sajik Stadium is built in 1985, holds 28,500 people.
Since Sajik Stadium is located in Busan, which is in the coast and the south part of South Korean, the temperature is usually cooler than other parts of the country.

Diyas was right in visiting Busan and Sajik Stadium while he was in Korea, since the game of Lotte Giants is always an interesting one. You can feel the energy of Lotte Giants fans while cheering their team.

On my first time seeing Baseball game, it's a match between Lotte Giants and Samsung. I was surprised to see how people supported Lotte Giants. They came to the stadium with Giant's uniforms, brought many attributes, flag, etc. I could feel their passion for Lotte Giants!

Before entering the stadium seat area, we walked along the corridor full of food stands. There were fried or roasted chicken, any kinds of drinks, kimbab, and many more Korean snacks were offered.

We chose this one. It is squid snack. The smell was totally attractive...I could not stand anymore not to buy.

The crispy squid snack...yummy...

Near to the end of the game, the orange Lotte Giants' plastic bags were distibuted. It was meant for keeping the trash, so that the stadium would stay clean. Everyone who needs a plastic bag can take it. But, aparently, even though they don not need it, they will take one plastic, to cheer the Giants! Just like me ^^

What a perfect day!
(It was so windy at that day so I lend Diyas my pink scarf...hehe. Pink scarf for pinky boy ^^)

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