Friday, December 23, 2011

[Korea] Bibap Musical - A Must See Performance

Bibap musical performance is in Busan since today till January 1, 2012. I really really want to see!
Bibap is a performance made to introduce Korean food, Bibimbab to the world. If you wanna know what Bibimbab is, please see my previous post here

Through the comedy musical, Bibimbab as the representative of Korean food is introduced to many people. By seeing the performance, people can enjoy the music, and also learn something about Korean culture. 

This is the detail of the performance if you want to see:

Date: 2011.12.23 - 2012.01.01
Time: Mon-Fri, 8pm; Sat, 4pm & 8pm; Sun, 2pm & 5pm
Place: Concert Hall, Kyungsung University, Busan
Duration: 80 minutes
Children more than 36months are allowed to see performance.
Price: R seat, 50,000won; S seat, 40,000won

You also can buy tickets here:

There are 8 chefs that will perform on the Bibap musical. Each of them has their own characteristic. 

The synopsis starts from Sushi, Pizza, Chinese chicken noodle, and the last order for the chefs is Bibimbab. More detail synopsis can be read in the pictures below (taken from

  So...are you hungry now??? Hurry up, buy the tickets. Enjoy the show! Enjoy the meal!


  1. Hello! I was looking for a bibap synopsis since I am going to watch the show on March 30 in Singapore, thank you so much for this post! It has made me even more excited to watch the performance :)

  2. Hi Elle! Oh... I envy you...I always want to see this Bibap performance but still can't get a chance. Hope that you enjoy the performance. I hope I can see it by myself someday. ^^

  3. And I hope to visit Korea someday :)