Saturday, December 10, 2011

[Korea] Busan Bank Gallery - 부산은행 갤러리

Busan Bank manages a gallery of its own called BS Gallery in Nampodong. It is the company effort to serve public in terms of culture and arts. Nice, isn't it?

The gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the building of Busan Bank in Gwangbokro, Nampodong (it is on the same street with the fashion street in my previous post few days ago). The location is very strategic and in the midst of crowd. There is no reason anymore not to visit the gallery since it is just steps away from the shops, cafes, restaurants and Yongdusan park.

artwork exhibited in the gallery - Silla Univ. student

artwork exhibited in the gallery - Silla Univ. student

It is one of the effort to bring art to the public. 
Introducing arts to everyone, providing space for those who want to exhibit their artworks. 

I went there for a visit to the opening ceremony of Silla University 3rd year students' exhibition. 
Read here to see more pictures of the opening ceremony (can you spot me there?hehe).
And here to see the overall view of the exhibition.

The title is 'Crazy Exhibition' (미친 전시). 
Please visit the exhibition, it's open till December 16, 2011.

Visit the BS Gallery website for further info:

BS 부산은행 갤러리
부산시 중구 신창동 1가 8-2 부산은행 신창동 지점 2층 
 T. 051) 246-8975 ,   620-3813

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