Monday, December 12, 2011

[Korea] Ski - Eden Valley Resort

Where do you want to do in winter? For me, I have two unchecked items since the first winter I experienced in Busan, Korea. It is ski and snow boarding. 

Busan is in the southern part of South Korea, therefore the temperature is considerably warm compares to other places in this country. It means that snow is a rarely found in Busan. I experience snow for the first time in Busan, in Novermber 2009. It was my first snow ever! However, it was just thin layer of snow and since I was not living in Yeongdo-gu where the campus is, I could not see how the snow was falling down...

Actually, I had two chances for ski in 2010 and 2011. Our Church members gathered in a mountaineous area for Lunar New Year retreat and planned to ski together at Eden Valley Resort, not far from where we stayed. 

However, on 2010, few days before we went for the event, I found out that I was pregnant. Of course, nobody even me thought that I could go for ski! Impossible.

The second chances came the year after, same event, same place. One day before the skiing day, I got very terrible diarrhea that made me lose my strength and energy, felt very weak and no more desire to go for ski. I just wanted to arrived home as soon as possible and rested.

Will I be able to for ski this winter time? I don't know...but I hope so.

If you need info about the ski resort near to Busan, here it is:

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